Monday, March 18, 2013

School Carnival!

This is our 3rd year going. We have learned to stay in the small kids area. The main gym has games for the older kids and some for younger kids, but it is more sensory stimulation than Clark can handle. Also it is very busy and hard to keep track of my brood plus not lose The Elder.

Pork in the bounce house

We spent about half an hour in this room. The boys really like to bounce.

Colonel Sanders and Daddy (The Elder). The Colonel had no interested* in bounding in the house or picking out eggs, ducks, and so on.

The duck game

The boys playing a toss game

Tyke went back to play ducks.

Clark tossing

Aunt Julie helping supervise the tossing

Cake walk! We always play this a few times. Every year we have always brought home a cake without playing more than 3 times. One year we brought home 3 cakes. Then again, we also have 3 kids and 2 adults playing.

Julie making sure Tyke stays on his number

The Elder takes up the rear.

Pork's number won a cake! So the Elder took Pork to pick one.

Pork's favorite color right now is pink. So we all knew he would pick a pink cake.

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