Monday, August 26, 2013

Our first trial for the year

The plan was, put minions in the tub, set out their clothes, make breakfast, get minions out of the tub, dress minions, feed breakfast and while they eat breakfast I would make lunches. Any other time this may have worked. Today there was nothing but fighting. Then my Angry Birds cutters went MIA. I was not a pleased mama.

I just received my FunBites cutters in the mail and wanted to give them a try. I thought they would work perfect for an Angry Birds lunch! I even had some Angry Birds cutters that I had purchased for Tyke's birthday.
 To bad things did not go my way. Next time I need to gather all cutters before I start lunch. I had the FunBites, but the Angry Birds were no where to be found. *sighs* I know the minions have been fascinated with them. To bad they chose to play with them. The baby has drained most creativity from my brain (5 more week till baby is born!). I had no clue what to do. So I decided to just go with what I had, not worry about it and make lunch.
I need to warn you, apple rabbits do NOT turn out to well when you are out of practice and are using a steak knife. Yeah, don't ask. It was a steak knife or a very large knife. I decided keeping my fingers would be best and went with the steak knife.

Things still turned out. Clark and Tyke informed me that they loved their World of Goo lunch... Ok then. I will guess that is a game their father put on the Nabi Jr. Glad they liked it. I also discovered that with no morning snack (they have one at home but not at school, so we had no snack this morning) they need more food than normal. Tomorrow I will do better!

There is a little concern over Tyke not eating as many small meals though. We put in a morning snack because it is better for him... So we shall see....