Saturday, March 9, 2013

Chick update

Yes, this IS a redneck brooder. I just want to get that cleared up right now. Do I feel bad? No. What is it sitting on? Umm... The guinea pig cage. *gasps* If the top can hold a 32lb minion (no guinea pigs were inside) then I am sure it can handle this. This will be here until the chicks are older and get moved into a larger, less redneck, brooder.

The Colonel thought she would push her chair up to it and look at the "bok bok" as she calls them.

Like Tyke's outfit? He picked it out himself!

Pork sitting with his chick

Then there is Clark. Clark likes the chicks a lot, although he does not want to hold them. Kinda like out guinea pigs, he loves them but does not want to hold them. The only way you can get him to hold many animals is to put them on something else.

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