Wednesday, September 4, 2013

First day of school

Here they are! Clark and Tyke on their first day of Kindergarten! Pork is still fighting potty training, so he did not make it into preschool. The boys got ready and ate breakfast with no issues. We were actually early!

After we dropped Clark and Tyke off, the remaining 2 minions and I decided to go out on a date. The minions had first breakfast at 7am. Pork wanted to be like mama (who was having decaf coffee). So we put OJ in his mug.

Colonel Sanders was a little to excited!

This is what is left after 2nd breakfast. By the time food came up, it was 9am. Pork and The Colonel both had a very large Mickey Mouse pancake. Pork at that, some of my omelet, and the toast you see there. This is after eating 3 pieces of french toast, milk, and fruit just 2 hours prior.

Outside of smearing her face with chocolate, Colonel Sanders was not to interested in her breakfast. I did not expect her to be.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing, playing and I had a Dr. appt to take off a bump (nothing interesting, no worries!).

Pork was VERY happy to see Tyke at the end of the school day!

Yes, that is a parked car behind The Colonel. That is the pick up line. I was standing and watching her carefully. There was not to much sidewalk to play on. Colonel Sanders was a little to happy to run around the bench. I know she does not look amused here, she has sun in her eyes.

Poor Clark. He was the last class out and you could tell he was over stimulated. I called his teacher later and she told me that he had a wonderful day and no sensory items were needed to help him cope with all that was going on. I feel a little silly rushing back to the school after drop off (before 2nd breakfast now). We provide the items he needs for sensory. So I have several sensory brushes, clay (a tiny piece helps him focus), chew tops for his pencils, and wet wipes. The list changes depending on what he is doing. Right now he is not wanting a weighted pad or vest. He does well with a bean bag for his hands, but it was decided we would wait to see if he would be ok without it.

As far as lunch, Tyke ate all but his carrots. Clark did not eat well at all. He ate just the 5-6 grape halves and the fruit strips. I think he was distracted over the noise in the lunch room as well as the other kids.