Friday, January 16, 2015

Week 3 announced - Taking the "100 Days of Real Food" Mini Pledge (14 weeks)

We are getting ready to start week 3 of the challenge.

Random lunch. Vegetable chicken soup with rice bears. Meat taking a lesser role in the meal.

While we do have access to local sourced meats here, I have to admit that it just isn't going to happen 100% this week... or in the next several weeks. Not until taxes come back and we purchase the 1/2 pig and 1/4 of a locally raised cow. It would just blow my food budget out of the water. I can't do that.

What I CAN do is, I can use less meat, purchase 1/2 our eggs from the CSA, and make 1 or maybe 2 meal per week with local meat. The CSA had an add on chicken package. It is not a lot for a family our size and it is only once a month. Still, in the end, the goal is to eat better and to take baby steps. So we do what we can do.

We fumbled a lot last week. Some was due to poor time management and some was due to failure to write down our meal plan. We do better when the menu is on the board. This week we will remember to do that.

Tomorrow I will have a better idea as to what we will eat after I see our CSA basket. I also get to take SEVEN children to the Farmer's Market tomorrow... alone. *gasps* Actually I am not expecting it to be much different than taking my 6. The extra is a 13 year old who has high functioning autism. Very similar to Clark. So I think it will be ok. The winter market is a lot smaller and less people. I think there are maybe 8 vendors total and they are indoor.

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