Thursday, May 23, 2013

The update I have been promising........

If you have ever lived with a roommate, you know it isn't easy. Everyone does things differently and what is expected in one family is totally different in another. How/what things are said (sarcasm) also varies in different family groups. So tone of voice has to be watched. Things can get stressful pretty fast. Especially when you add in 4 children and one is autistic and another one has to have a monitored diet due to acid reflux. We cut out a lot of boxed items and convenience foods. It all ends up being a learning curve for both parties involved. Along the way there is bound to be some hurt feelings and misunderstandings.

The most important thing to do is always keep open lines of communication and for both parties to talk things out. This is especially true when one (or both) parties suffer from depression and or anxiety. If you let things build up, it will only make things 10 times worse. When one or both parties fail to do this... well it makes a stressful household and ends in disaster.

That is all that will be said about that.

Going back in time a bit, January 28th I found out I was pregnant with minion #5. By early February I had the worst morning sickness ever. If I sat still I was fine. The instant I got up to do anything, I was heaving. Even on Zofran. It was so bad that the kids missed school several times. We relied heavily on Julie for a bit to keep the house going as normal as possible. Aunt Agnes was picking up the kids from school.

Things slowly got to a manageable level by mid April. In early May I started to have some constant heart palpation and a heavy chest. I also had some blackouts. One lasted a little over an hour. My OB sent me to the ER several times and I was also put on a heart monitor for 24 hours. The monitor showed the palpations but it did not show anything wrong. All blood tests came back normal. They did an ultrasound at one point (we did not get to see the baby, but it gave me an official due date) and the baby was fine. They finally decided it could all be stress related.

Julie is no longer living with us. Sadly it was rather abrupt and it took Clark a week to come to terms with it. Near the end there was 2 days of him being on a constant hair trigger and many meltdowns. I had to send myself into time outs several times. I am happy to say that everyone is doing well now. The blackouts and heart palpation have gone away.

On Monday The Elder and I had an ultrasound and were able to see the baby for the first time. I am now 20 1/2 weeks along. I still have nausea on and off and still need to take Zofran to keep it in check.

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