Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Odd rash on The Colonel

Crazy times over Memorial Day weekend.  Friday morning Colonel Sanders had a red line near the top of her diaper. I assumed it was from how she was laying in bed with her blanket bunched up or something. We had our bath for the day and life went on.

After the Dr. office closed, this is what greeted me. The red near her diaper did not go below her diaper. I was stumped. I have never seen anything like this. We had not been outside in 2 days due to rain. No new foods. No new soaps (I have allergies to soaps). You would think with 3 boys I would have already seen it all. Especially with a child like Tyke. I had no clue. It did not itch and there was no pain when I touched it. No fever. The house has AC so it was not heat related. So I went to some fellow moms an asked them.

There were many ideas and many things that it looked somewhat like. It ranged from fifths disease to ringworm. I knew it was not ring worm, but I can understand from the pictures. So I called the on call Dr. and she told me that she was not to concerned for The Colonel, but she wanted her to go in anyway just in case it was something that could problems with my pregnancy. This made me feel a little odd.

Anyone who knows me is aware that I do not like going to the ER. If it will not kill you over night, then why not wait till morning to see the Dr? I am more cautious with the kids than I am myself, still, had this been on a Thursday, we would have just waited till the next morning to see the Dr.

The intake nurse was a little puzzled since the red marks were flat. A 2nd nurse came in, looked at it from a distance (she was pregnant) and left telling me that I would have another nurse. That made me worry a bit, but well, too late, if it was bad I was already infected.

The Dr. came in, was a little puzzled that it did not itch, it did not hurt, and it was flush with the skin. He left and so we waited. After an hour he came back and told me that The Colonel had him stumped for a little bit.  They decided that what she had was hives caused by an allergic reaction. To what? no one had a clue.

So we went home and went to bed. Saturday morning there was nothing on The Colonel. By afternoon it had come back half as bad, but by Sunday morning there was nothing again.

We still have no clue what caused them.

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