Monday, April 22, 2013

Feeding the chickens in the coop.

Clark was having a rough day. So mid way through feeding the chickens he decided to go back in the house.

In the chicken coop. The kids have all gotten pretty good about watching their feet around the poor chicks. Or are they considered pullets now?

The coop was made using 1/3 of our existing shed. The previous owners put up boards on the inside. So we just left them up. Although they had carpet on the dirt floor for some reason. In some areas it was 2 layers thick and it was nailed all around the edges.

Pork holding a chicken.

Yes, that is a door that was nailed to the wall. I just shook my head and tell everyone that we have a redneck chicken coop.

You cannot see it, but the chicken water container is in front of Tyke (black coat) and all 16 of our chickens are around it.

Discussing world domination. 

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